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The Importance of Vitamin D

Author: Dr. Rehan Lakhani, ND

Dr. Rehan is a Collingwood naturopath who provides evidence-based care to those struggling with IBS, brain fog, fatigue, anxiety, chronic pain, and all things related to your gut. Click here to schedule a free consult with our doctors.

Most of us have heard that we need more vitamin D if we live in more northern climates due to the lack of sun in the winter, but what does it actually do in the body? Is it really that important? The answers may surprise you! This humble vitamin is responsible for a lot more than you might think, and being deficient in it (even mildly) may be causing issues in your day to day life.

Here are a few reasons for why vitamin D is important and why you should have it tested to see if you are deficient.

1) It plays a huge role in bone health and can reduce your risk of falls and bone fractures.

2) New research shows it can improve your immune function and even reduce your risk of cancer.

3) Low vitamin D puts you at risk for heart disease and type 2 diabetes. One study even showed that 96% of people who experienced heart attacks were low in vitamin D!

4) Symptoms that are difficult to pinpoint and often vague but can include things like anxiety, depression, getting sick frequently, fatigue and lethargy, bone loss and back pain, weight gain, and hair loss. 

5) Some studies show that you might actually live longer with appropriate levels of vitamin D (it reduced all cause mortality).

In Canada during the winter months we don’t get enough sun exposure to ensure adequate vitamin D levels. Vitamin D has been shown to positively impact mood, and if you’re deficient in it, you need to know. Ask your practitioner to run blood work testing for vitamin D and supplement if recommended.

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