Your Healthiest Self

Your Healthiest Self:
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Have you felt lost in the world of natural health, trying to decipher which diet might be best for you? Or which supplements you should take? Or how you can take charge of your health with physical activity, regulating hormones, and being more mindful?

You’re not alone. Whether you have gotten off track due to COVID-19, or just need help from professionals in the field to give you the best, evidence backed information, we can help you regain your health.

For a limited time, you can access our 8 week program for free.

Created by our Naturopathic Doctors and our Registered Kinesiologist, this program will teach you how you can establish the foundations of health from nutrition to activity, hormones, and more.

Each week will consist of an online video or demonstration, homework for you to complete and submit to us, and a live Zoom call with us to answer all your questions.

Get ready to feel more energized, and excited to be your healthiest self!


Nutrition impacts every aspect of our being including our physical, mental, and emotional health states. It’s critical to dial in your nutrition in general, but especially if you have a chronic illness. In our program, you will learn all about how to build a solid nutritional foundation for you and your family.

Physical Activity

What type of physical activity is right for you? Cardio? Weight lifting? Crossfit? In this section, we’ll dive into which types of activity is required to maintain a healthy heart, strong bones, and increased muscle mass.

Hormone Regulation

Regulating hormones such as cortisol (our stress hormone), estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, and many more, are critical in maintaining good health, having more energy, and reducing your risk for chronic illness. Learn about how you can regulate hormones using natural therapies.


Lots of research has now been done to support the use of mindfulness therapies in the improvement of health. It is now widely regarded as a cornerstone of our overall health and well-being. In this program, you’ll learn the best strategies to incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine.

The BEST strategies in all areas of health

"This program covers the five pillars of health that I teach my patients about - nutrition, physical activity, sleep, stress management, and social connection. Implement these strategies, and you have the best chance at health promotion, and disease prevention."
Dr. rehan lakhani
Naturopathic Doctor

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