Your Healthiest Self: An 8 Week Program – Week 8

Week 8

Your Healthiest Self

Welcome to Week 8!

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In week 8, we cover:

  • Exercise and physical activity: Putting everything together
  • Thyroid Function and Hormone
  • Nutrition for mental health: Creating meals that make sense

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Physical Activity: Putting it together

We’ve covered a lot of information on exercise and physical activity over the last 7 weeks, and this week, we’re putting it all together!

Thyroid Function and Hormone

In this last hormone series, Dr. Liz talks about the thyroid gland, it’s function, thyroid hormones and all the ways they can impact your health.

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Nutrition for mental health: Putting it all together

Now that we know which nutrients we need to maintain good mental health, and proper portions and timing of those nutrients, let’s put all of that information together and create a full day’s worth of meals!

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Download the physical activity infographic HERE

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That’s it for week 8!

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